Proclaiming your committed love to another in this age is an extraordinary display of both faith and rebellion. Despite politics and statistics, you still believe that lasting unions are the ultimate truth, and that a ring symbolizes that perfectly. So do we.


Betroth means "be truth," and as the root of our name boldly demands, we believe that this generation deserves rings that honor contemporary values with originality, impeccable ethics and a personalized process.


Twice a year, Betroth will offer an exciting new collection of limited edition rings designed by visionary contemporary artists. These designs will be uncommon, so to help you examine them more closely we’ll send you your choice of three of our “ring ghosts” to try on and deliberate at your leisure - at no cost. Our “ring ghosts” are beautiful crystalline prototypes of each ring made in your size with latest high-resolution 3D printing technology. You may wear the prototypes, field them to friends and family, or even join the avant-garde by proposing with all three to show your collaborative spirit from the start. Once you’ve chosen a favorite design matched with undeniably ethical stones and metals, you’ll actually get to witness your ring being masterfully crafted. Photo and video updates will be sent to you as each artisan step takes place. You’ll be free to share and use this media as you please. Then, in ten days, and at 30% less than retail, your unique and gorgeously designed ring will appear.