Try Designs At Home

Begin with our Ghost Rings. These are translucent 3D-printed facsimiles of our exclusive DESIGNER COLLABORATIONS – yours to keep. Try them on, use them to get feedback from friends and family, or even proclaim your love with a set of Ghost Rings to show your collaborative spirit from the start. This is the first step towards selecting a design that's right for you.


Make One Your Own

Shape your ring's personality with conflict-free grown diamonds from the acclaimed DIAMOND FOUNDRY and sustainably sourced precious metals. Partner with a Betroth team member to add a hand-engraving.


Experience The Artisanship

Own the journey as we provide you video and photo updates documenting the entire artisanal process. All of our rings are handcrafted to order by master artisans in New York City.


Conquer The Moment

In 4-6 weeks, receive the final piece, rightly staged for your moment of truth. Express shipping is on us.