The ultimate goal of the ring is unity. Modernity, originality and ethics are indispensable means for reaching that goal, but not for creating rings. Today, these progressive elements exist segregated by listless legacy brands from which they can only be salvaged by the resolute collaboration of independent creators. Designers, artisans and technologists must devise new ways of representing the ring: aesthetically, as an experience and in terms of its parts. Their work will then clearly establish a contemporary vision to re-ignite the spirit of wholeness a ring signifies, which was lost in the antiquated establishments and presumptive ads of our predecessors.

So let's create a new way of experiencing and forging the ring, free of the artifice and crimes that raise a barrier of irrelevance between our heads and our hearts. Let's strive for rings that will unite art, craftsmanship, technology and ethics, and which will rise on our hands as true symbols of modern love.

Derrick Cruz, Betroth (January 2017), Inspired by Walter Gropius’ Bauhaus Manifesto (April 1919)