Modern Diamonds

The human and environmental tolls of mining diamonds in disparate places with corrupt oversight and opportunistic authority cannot be tolerated.

Our diamonds are sourced from the Diamond Foundry, a company that grows diamonds in California with cutting edge technology. The only difference between diamonds grown and diamonds mined is their origin.

Just like a mined diamond, no two Diamond Foundry diamonds are alike. Each diamond has unique growth patterns and inclusions that can be certified by the same agencies as mined diamonds. 

STRUCTURE Carbon atoms in tetrahedral lattice
Carbon atoms in tetrahedral lattice
HARDNESS 10 in Mohs Scale 10 in Mohs Scale
FORMATION Forged in Earth's Kimberlite pipes at 2,000° F
Forged in recycled greenhouse gasses at 2,000° F
EMISSIONS 143 lbs of CO2 per carat 0 lbs of CO2 per carat
EARTH DISPLACEMENT 400,000 lbs per carat 0 lbs per carat
FOOTPRINT 10,000 sq miles 0.003 sq miles
ORIGIN Africa, Russia, etc.  U.S.A.
ANNUAL YIELD 200,000,000 carats less than 200,000 carats